Become wilderness tough.


Welcome free range humans! I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Sports Science from Oregon State University and a Pn1 nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and lover of the body!

My passion for fitness started with 14 years of gymnastics which led into a variety of sports such as track and field, soccer, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, yoga, trail running and backpacking. This combination of sport and outdoor activity inspires my training methods.

These hobbies roll over into my training which encompasses exercises that intertwine my passion for health, weights and outdoor sport along with recovery methods that allow my body to continually preform at optimal. My goal is to facilitate you in creating healthy, enjoyable and sustainable fitness/lifestyle habits that lead to safe weekend warrioring!



Enjoying the company of the Condors!

Enjoying the company of the Condors!

My philosophy is that individual based fitness programs should be pliable to the needs of the body at any given time. Workouts should be done with a positive self image, quality technique and a strong foundation.

Spend as much time as you can outside, and connected with the earth and yourself!

All photos are my own with exception to my posed fitness photos from Michelle Magdalena Maddox, who’s information can be received via email. :)