Free Range Humans!

Climb/Backpack/Trail run/Kayak/Surf/Snowboard/Bike/Hike/Dive


Explore Your Range

Become wilderness tough and put your fitness to use out in the wild! Explore and expand your range. Bodies built to endure.


Train for indoor/outdoor climbing!

Learn efficient, stable and strong body positioning.

Our emphasis is a full body approach from mind, breath to toes!

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Sessions are typically one on one and programmed based on your goals using safe, yet challenging training methods.

One on one training 

One on one training programs are designed to fit individual needs. I specialize in weight loss, general health as well as special populations!

Small Group

Bring up to 4 other people to make training more fun and affordable! Training for marathons, spartan races, climbing, weekend adventures or simply looking for some fresh workout motivation.

Hustle & Flow

Check Instagram and Facebook for upcoming classes.

Hustle & Flow is an outdoor HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class followed by a relaxing yoga flow. This class takes place in various locations around the Monterey area.


Weekly cardio jams are held in various locations around the Monterey area. These meetings feature bike rides, trail/beach runs and hikes. Difficulty will vary week to week. Check @freerangepersonaltraining on Instagram or Klare Nichols Personal Training on Facebook for weekly updates! 

You can contact me via :

Email : Freerangepersonaltraining @ gmail.com

Cell: 831-224-4160

Instagram: Free_Range_Personal__Training 


Upcoming Events

Soaking in the sun during a much deserved shavasana.

Soaking in the sun during a much deserved shavasana.

Hustle & Flow

TBD: Throughout Summer

Come hustle then flow with trainer Klare and yogi Casie. Get your lungs and body burning with a HIIT style workout then calm the mind and body with a mellow recovery yoga. These two hour weekend events are held in various outdoor locations around town. Find us on instagram or facebook for updated summer schedules.

IG: FreeRangePersonalTraining / CasieintheSunshine

Come experience the stars!

Come experience the stars!

Sept 2019

Event based on interest, details to be determined.