Free Range Humans!

Climb/Backpack/Trail run/Kayak/Surf/Snowboard/Bike/Hike/Dive

Train in, Live out

Explore Your Range with Functional Range Conditioning!

With Functional Range Conditioning, build durable joints and gain expression of strength through your full range of motion. Prepare your body for any position nature throws at you!

Explore, expand and strengthen your range.

You will always regret not training the position you got injured in.
— Dr. Andreo Spina

Train in, Live out.

Receive VIP private and semi-private training at Prime.

Optimize minimal time inside to maximize time outside.

Strength training, cardiovascular work, sport specific, and Functional Range Conditioning


Personal Training

1 on 1 training

Training programs are designed to fit individual needs upon assessment of strengths, weaknesses, body awareness and joint function.

Functional Range Conditioning

FRC is mobility based strength training designed to create and strengthen full joint function and express strength through your muscle’s full length.

Small Group

Training for up to 4 people. Train with your friends to create reliability, healthy competition, or simply a healthy weekly meet up all while sharing the cost!

Training for marathons, spartan races, climbing, weekend adventures, everyday life or fresh workout motivation.

Hustle & Flow $TBD

Check Instagram and Facebook for upcoming classes.

Hustle & Flow is an outdoor HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class followed by a relaxing yoga flow. This class takes place in various locations around the Monterey area.

Cardioutside $10 recommended donation

Cardio jams are held in various locations around the Monterey area. These meetings feature bike rides, trail/beach runs and hikes. Difficulty will vary week to week. Check @freerangepersonaltraining on Instagram for schedule updates! 


Nutrition evaluation and adjustments for performance, weight loss and weight gain!

Corporate events $TBD

Corporate events depend on the goals of the event. Topics span fitness classes, nutrition and stress reduction strategies, pain alleviation and reversing side effects of desk jobs!

You can contact me via :

Email : Freerangepersonaltraining @ gmail.com

Cell: 831-224-4160

Instagram: Free_Range_Personal_Training 


Upcoming Events

Soaking in the sun during a much deserved shavasana.

Soaking in the sun during a much deserved shavasana.

Hustle & Flow

TBD: Throughout Summer

Come hustle then flow with trainer Klare and yogi Casie. Get your lungs and body burning with a HIIT style workout then calm the mind and body with a mellow recovery yoga. These two hour weekend events are held in various outdoor locations around town. Find us on instagram or facebook for updated summer schedules.

IG: FreeRangePersonalTraining / CasieintheSunshine

Come experience the stars!

Come experience the stars!


Event based on interest, details to be determined.