Working out with Klare has given me body confidence. My sessions are tailored to my needs and goals and she encourages me to do more than I ever thought possible. Klare's positive outlook is infectious - I actually look forward to going to the gym! 


One year after knee I still wasn’t at my optimal workout , I came to Klare to help learn how to build, strengthen and get back to running 3 miles once a week. She customized my workout sessions based on my physical and emotional state. Each session I left feeling stronger and my emotions were getting a lift too. I now run my one day a week and swim daily. Klare made working out for 30 minutes meaningful and her sunny disposition and overall strength was encouraging. I look forward to seeing her and thanking her for giving back some confidence to do more.


I've worked with Klare four times a week for more than a year and a half. I've consistently worked with a handful of trainers over the last seventeen years and Klare is definitely the best trainer I've had. She loves her work, she always mixes up my workouts so I never get bored, she is consistently prepared, reliable and very pleasant to work with. We've rather recently added a stretching routine to my weekly workouts which have helped tremendously with my flexibility and mobility. Klare has my highest recommendation!


I was once a very active ultrarunner, but had to stop running due to an overuse injury. I had been dealing with a bad stress reaction (femoral bone bruise) for nearly 2 years, when I met Klare.  I had the goal of getting back on the trails and being able to run again.  Previously, after 7 months on crutches (non-weight bearing), I had a few months of rehab.  But the rehab could only get me back on my feet.  I needed an experienced trainer who knew how to rebuild muscle strength after a long-term injury, and I was very lucky to have found Klare!  She was motivating, yet cautious of the physical limitations of my injury.  She not only got me running again, I even completed a 35km race after just a few months of working with her!  She has inspired me to refocus on returning to ultramarathons, and her confidence in my ability to do so has been the backbone of my decision to train up (smartly) for future races!  I seriously could not have done this without her.  We have moved to New Zealand, but if I could have kept her as my trainer I would have!